What's Your Relationship with Burnout? 😞





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What's Your Relationship with Burnout? 😞
By :scale • Issue #10 • View online
Welcome to Scaling Up with Sana. In this newsletter, I share with you a reflection of my week, our latest blog posts, current projects and finally, content that I enjoyed this week!
I hope you can take something away from reading this newsletter and I’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions so feel free to email them to me 📨 or let me know if there is anything you want me to discuss.

🔮 Reflection of my Month
Welcome back, it’s been a while.
(I promise to stop ghosting y'all for weeks on end!)
It’s been a crazy month for me having started my MArch at the University of Greenwich, moving to campus, settling back into life as an architecture student and trying to manage a whole side hustle at the same time.
I’ve been really enjoying the creative freedom university gives you and feel much more equipped having had the time to create systems in place for myself to avoid unhealthy habits and behaviours. I know that the few times I’ve experienced burnout, it’s been because of this overwhelming feeling of dread and panic having had taken on too many projects.
But I’ve been managing several aspects of my life so far to a decent standard and I wanted to get the discussion going about how we deal with burnout as students?
Should this be something we tackle and educate students on? Do we need to be speaking out about the tolls architecture can take on our mental health?
This is something I’ll hopefully be discussing in future Instagram Lives, Discord Events and Blog Posts but in the meantime, enjoy this podcast episode I really loved on this exact topic 👇🏼
Also, here’s another great video on the topic you might enjoy
Why You're Overwhelmed, Burnt Out & Unproductive
Why You're Overwhelmed, Burnt Out & Unproductive
✍🏻 This Week's Blog Post
How to Stop Procrastinating on Design Work
This week I wanted to tackle the age-old problem of flipping to an empty page in your sketchbook and not knowing how to start, where to begin, what to draw - or do!
I know firsthand how easy it can be to fall into the trap of procrastination at such an early stage in the academic year. Right now, things are steadily moving along, but you know as well as I do that the steep curve leading to multiple deadlines and crits is on its way.
This post takes a look at how you can avoid being a wasteman and start taking your design work a little more seriously 😁
🤗 Something I Enjoyed This Week
The architectural wonder of impermanent cities | Rahul Mehrotra
The architectural wonder of impermanent cities | Rahul Mehrotra
I must have listened to this talk over a year ago and it always stuck with me. Having come from an Indian background, I’ve always been fascinated with the various types of architecture in that country.
This talk made for a wonderful stepping stone for my own research and could lead you to something brilliant too.
P.S. Let me know if there are any other awesome TED Talks you think I should check out :)
😄 archi-community Discord
We’ve re-vamped the old :scale server to bring you a more inclusive, fun and interactive space on the Internet where we can hold monthly competitions, pin-ups, become mentored and just have a chat with students and designers from all over the world.
This is also where Tom and I will be sharing our raw, unfiltered opinions and journeys through our Masters. So if you’d like to join the community just use the link below, we’d love to have you there!
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Have an awesome weekend!
Sana 😊
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