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Weather & Moods
By :scale • Issue #2 • View online
Welcome to the new :scale newsletter, Scaling Up with Sana. I’ve been wanting to collect my thoughts, ideas and advice together in one place for a while now but the idea of writing a newsletter felt full of friction. Unsurprisingly, I’m in the midst of several projects so let’s see if I can stick to this.
Anyway, it’s great to have you here and if you’ve been on this mailing list for a while but prefer not to be, I won’t be upset if you unsubscribe at the bottom.

🔮 Reflection of my Week
It’s been pretty hot this past week 🔥. Up until today, that is. Today it poured it down, and rightly so ☔. I’ve had a pretty rough week personally - but work-wise it’s been quite decent.
Today it dawned on me really how much the weather can affect not only our moods but our productivity too. I already knew that I work more efficiently when I’m angry or frustrated about something and trying to avoid thinking about stuff emotionally.
But the tasks I had today have been getting crossed off so smoothly it’s really surprising. Even though the gloomy overcast outside makes me want to curl up in bed, I’ve found myself feeling slowly energised.
Slowly energised.
It’s that kind of feeling where you don’t quite expect to have this much energy but you do but it’s a pretty chill vibe…
Anyway, this month has flown by so quickly, I’m looking forward to July, my birthday month 😋
✍🏻 This Week's Blog Post
10 More Architecture Blogs We Love!
This week’s blog post is part 2 of the original blog which had all the general big names and stuff you would expect. But over the past 2 years, I’ve connected with some amazing content creators who continue to inspire me so this is a little shoutout to the archi-commnity!
🎧 Listen to my Podcast
🤗 Something I Enjoyed This Week
How to Create a Sun Path Diagram | Architecture Students
How to Create a Sun Path Diagram | Architecture Students
Okay okay, this is a bit of a cheeky plug, but I really enjoyed making our very first YouTube video! Kudos to the freelance editor we found who created our intro and did the editing. Check it out and let me know what you think!
💡 1 Bit of Advice
This week’s gem of advice is to experiment with your environment. Everyone tells you to maintain this pristine workspace and desk where you can do some heavy deep work and everything is in order at all times.
But come on, sometimes we just need the comfort of our beds (or sofa, like me!). It’s alright to take your work into a relaxed environment because this change can divide the monotonous feeling I’m sure you’re getting whilst working from home.
Sorry desktop users!
Take it easy and listen to your body.
So with that, I bid you adieu 👋🏻
Have an awesome weekend.
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By :scale

(Hi I’m Sana!) Supporting the next generation of architects, guiding students to build their own paths and creating an inclusive #archicommunity

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