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Milestones and Celebrations 🎁

Milestones and Celebrations 🎁
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Welcome to the new :scale newsletter, Scaling Up with Sana. In this newsletter, I share with you a reflection of my week, our latest blog posts, podcast episodes and current projects and finally, content that I enjoyed this week!
I hope you can take something away from reading this newsletter and I’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions so feel free to email them to me 📨

🔮 Reflection of my Week
I’ve had a much-needed break this past week as I took my last bit of leave from work. I definitely needed it. This week has been really great though as I’ve been celebrating a few different things.
  1. My 23rd birthday, seeing friends I hadn’t seen in a very long time and treating myself to a new iPad
  2. The launch of :scale studio (and selling out in 3 days! plus more spots coming)
  3. Reaching 100K views on :scale blog! Crazy to see how far we’ve come in the space of 2 years
  4. Reaching 7000 followers on Instagram
I’ve really enjoyed the past 2 years, surprisingly so because last year I felt really disappointed about not having found a job in time, thus delaying my ‘career’ by a year or so. But now I realise that I actually preferred it because the time allowed me to develop my skills and work on things I am passionate about.
✍🏻 This Week's Blog Post
We’ve gone on holiday for the month of July since :scale studio is such a massive project! But we’ll be back in August and in the lead up to university to bring you even more amazing content.
In the meantime, hit reply and let me know if there is anything particular you want to see.
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🤗 Something I Enjoyed This Week
Revit Course for Beginners – Revit Tutorials to Learn BIM Fast | Part 1 - Setup
Revit Course for Beginners – Revit Tutorials to Learn BIM Fast | Part 1 - Setup
I really enjoyed this free course Revit for Beginners by Successful Archi Student. Kyle takes you through a simple residential project which you can also follow along if you download the course files. A really simple but clear walkthrough!
💡 1 Bit of Advice
Listen to your body. I planned to do a whole bunch of things this week but either wasn’t feeling up to it or didn’t have the time. Some nights I was even prepared to stay up for a while because I work better that way.
But when the time came to it, I just wanted to crawl into bed. So my one piece of advice this week is to listen to your body every once in a while - it’ll do you far more good in the long run.
So with that, I bid you adieu 👋🏻
Have an awesome weekend.
Sana 😊
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