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Have you ever thought about your Future Self? 💭

Have you ever thought about your Future Self? 💭
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Welcome to Scaling Up with Sana. In this newsletter, I share with you a reflection of my week, our latest blog posts, current projects and finally, content that I enjoyed this week!
I hope you can take something away from reading this newsletter and I’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions so feel free to email them to me 📨 or let me know if there is anything you want me to discuss.

🔮 Reflection of my Week
I know I know, I sent y'all an email at the start of this week, but I really want to maintain this Friday Newsletter schedule from now on. I’m also going to keep tweaking and adjusting the sections here so let me know if you want to see anything in particular.
My week so far has probably been the most laziest, laid-back and aimless week I’ve had in the past 2 years. But I have kind of been enjoying it. It’s like the quiet before the storm.
That storm being moving to university! It’s going to be weird being back but I can’t wait to start my Masters and get those creative juices flowing again 😊
✍🏻 This Week's Blog Post
Your Future Self: Core Habits
Keeping your future self in mind when making any kind of decision really helps you to put things in perspective, make smarter choices and sometimes even do a little bit of prep work that will help you out in the long run.
I believe the advice in this article can help not just students but also architects and designers too. Next time you find yourself stuck or with few hours to spare, think about what you could do now that will benefit you in the future.
Sidenote: We’ve now switch to a fortnightly posting schedule which means you’ll see a little less of us 😟 but we’re determined to bring you high-quality and timely content for the academic year ahead.
But, as always, you can keep up with me on Instagram
🤗 Something I Enjoyed This Week
My Zero-Effort Productivity Journal
My Zero-Effort Productivity Journal
I’ve really been enjoying content from Daniel Titchener these past few weeks. With architecture being his background, yet productivity as his passion, I can completely relate to most of his videos and teachings.
I’d really recommend also checking out his latest video with productivity guru and filmmaker Matt D'Avella too!
😄 Get involved!
So a sneaky collaboration has been in the works this past week!
I’ve been joined by YouTuber and fellow MArch student, Thomas Rowntree who is joining me to co-host the….
archi-community discord server!
We’ve re-vamped the old :scale server to bring you a more inclusive, fun and interactive space on the Internet where we can hold monthly competitions, pin-ups, become mentored and just have a chat with students and designers from all over the world.
This is also where Tom and I will be sharing our raw, unfiltered opinions and journeys through our Masters. So if you’d like to join the community just use the link below, we’d love to have you there!
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Have an awesome weekend!
Sana 😊
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