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February Findings 🔎
By :scale • Issue #14 • View online
hey guys, welcome to Scaling Up with Sana! ⭐ This is a simple, recap of my thoughts, media I’ve enjoyed and a couple of self-development tips I’ve learnt throughout the month🪴
If you’re new here, it’s lovely to have you! My name is Sana, I’m an MArch student in London, creator of :scale blog and advocate for healthy habits for architecture students ✌🏻

the gorgeous Greenwich campus from across the river 🌊
the gorgeous Greenwich campus from across the river 🌊
🦋 Focus for the Month
February felt like a bit of a rollercoaster of events but my main focus has been to iterate. This month I wanted to keep churning out ideas and content, building and iterating my design project and try to keep things in motion really. The way I can do this best is by being consistent with everything and trying to have better focus. I reckon my design project is in a much better place than it was last month which is a sign of progress.
Overall, I would like to think I kept a decent focus apart from a couple of rough days, but that’s life eh? Maybe the focus for next month will be to explore the things around me a little more and make use of the fact that there are no immediete deadlines ahead ⛳
📺 My YouTube Playlist
Jay Shetty: The 3 Simple Things A Happy Life Needs | E119
Jay Shetty: The 3 Simple Things A Happy Life Needs | E119
Jay Shetty is someone I’ve been following for quite a while, he’s incredibly popular in the meditation, self-help and growth areas and is best known for his journey being a monk and translating those values and lessons to everyday life. From this podcast I learnt about the flow state which Jay describes as the point at which the skills you have match the challenges you face, a phase where you are ‘expanding your challenges or broadening your skills’ will lead you on to the path of success.
Speaking of success, Jay says that in order to live intentionally, you have to think about 4 key things;
  1. What am I doing for myself
  2. What am I doing for money
  3. Who do I love
  4. How can I serve others
Perhaps next month I’ll make an effort to dive into Jay’s podcast too and learn more from the guests he brings on. Also adding his book to my wishlist 📖
Other videos I enjoyed this month 👇🏼
A great quote from this video:
Every big problem is a big opportunity - Vinod Khosla
Why I Live a Boring Life - Captain Sinbad
searching for peace of mind - Bobby Nsenga (this is a great playlist that I often put on when working 🎵)
21 lessons from 2021 - Doobydobap (a hidden gem from this highly entertaining YouTube channel)
🐥 Tweets I Saved
Wise Chimp
"Overthinkers open this"

I’ve been finding it a weird task to try and create ‘content’ on Twitter, perhaps it’s because there really aren’t many architecture students on there looking for that sort of thing. But maybe someday, for now I’ll just use it to document my thoughts and ideas🤞🏻I am however always looking for new people to follow, in any kind of industry so if there is someone you absolutely would recommend I follow, let me know!
For now, I’ve linked 2 interesting threads above - yes I know reading threads is a bit of a chore but these are structured quite well and resonated with me personally.
👟 Habits I'm Working On
It takes me quite some time to build a habit, but it takes me even longer to actually try approach the entire notion of building a habit. I’ve been meaning to implement some kind of ‘exercise’ into my routine for a long time now and I’ve settled on a pretty good weekly schedule which I can start experimenting with.
For starters, I just want to do the bare minimum - I’m not looking to join a gym or run a marathon anytime soon, just be healthy enough and start exploring different options. So I’ve been trying to go on a 30 minute walk each day and so far so good, I’m getting some kind of walk in, not counting any steps and not giving myself added pressure. We’ll see how it goes.
I also tried doing simple home workouts for a week which was better than I thought - 5/7 days and I’m thinking once I can consistently do this for a month I’ll treat myself to something!
💫 Casual Magic
This is a concept or term created by author and YouTuber UnJaded Jade. Casual magic is synonymous with gratitude, but it’s more about the small simple pleasures in life than larger concepts, finding the casual magic in every day life. I love this approach and I’m going to be doing more of this.
This past month I’ve actually been keeping a journal of sorts. I don’t have prompts and don’t write daily, but I use the app Diary with a Password to write out my thoughts, emotions and moments of gratitude whenever I can or need to, (I’ve also been using the Voice Notes 🎙️ app to record any bright ideas I have - usually late night when I’m in bed) but getting things out of your head is a great stress buster.
So a couple of casual magic moments for February💞;
  1. Conversations with people who lift me up, encourage, support and check up on me 💖
  2. Taking myself on an unexpected solo lunch date (and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone)
  3. Realising how much better my mental health has been as compared to 6 months ago.
  4. My Instagram DMs - people telling me that my content actually makes a huge difference! 🤗
All it takes is one moment to change everything. 
Check out this month’s reels over on Instagram 😁
👋🏻 Thanks for Reading!
Hopefully that wasn’t too intense of a newsletter and perhaps next month I’ll bring something totally different to the table! As always, if you’d like to have a chat or suggest something just hit reply 😉
Have a powerful and glorious month everybody 🕊️
🎁 Resources + More
Productivity templates and resources for architecture students and designers!
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(Hi I’m Sana!) Supporting the next generation of architects, guiding students to build their own paths and creating an inclusive #archicommunity

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