Burnout and Shiny Toy Syndrome





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Burnout and Shiny Toy Syndrome
By :scale • Issue #6 • View online
Welcome to the new :scale newsletter, Scaling Up with Sana. In this newsletter, I share with you a reflection of my week, our latest blog posts, current projects and finally, content that I enjoyed this week!
I hope you can take something away from reading this newsletter and I’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions so feel free to email them to me 📨 or let me know if there is anything you want me to discuss.

🔮 Reflection of my Week
After the ‘holiday period’ I had last week, I’ve come back feeling like I am on the edge of burnout. It’s taken a whole lot of planning, brainstorming and re-prioritising for me to even sit down and write this newsletter.
The truth is, I’ve been taking on way too much which leaves me feeling unexcited about pretty much everything. Don’t get me wrong, I love content creating and doing something that helps other people. But, I feel like the past few months I’ve been putting too much pressure on myself to ‘create’ content from scratch.
I recently heard somewhere about the shift between content ‘creation’ and content ‘curation. This actually seems like a much better idea considering how much content I consume. So I think this is the approach I’m going to take - whilst also putting some projects on hold.
Another bit of news, I’ve got a shiny new toy, the iPad 8. It’s been great and I’ve been trying not to get too attached to it just yet. It could also be the cause to feeling a bit all over the place because I am unsure of how to incorporate it into my workflow.
But I do see a possible portfolio update in the near future, which I will definitely be sharing over on Instagram. Here’s a section I improved this week on Procreate:
✍🏻 This Week's Blog Post
We’ve gone on holiday for the month of July since :scale studio is such a massive project! But we’ll be back in August and in the lead up to university to bring you even more amazing content.
In the meantime, hit reply and let me know if there is anything particular you want to see.
🤗 Something I Enjoyed This Week
S2 E1 - Pace Yourself — Unpacking Design
I recently listed to this podcast episode of Unpacking Design by Tim Ung and Mike LaValley, they’re amazing and doing very cool stuff. I resonated with a lot of what Mike describes in this episode and I got quite a few lessons from listening to this, the most important one being to focus on the one thing that will make everything else much easier.
This is one of the podcast episodes I know I’ll keep listening to 🎧
💡 1 Tidbit of Knowledge
For all my fellow creators, I would like to introduce you to Tom’s podcast, Creators are Brands. I’ve really been enjoying the content and it’s helped me overcome that imposter syndrome we get once in a while.
Since :scale studio starts very soon, I’ve been feeling a little nervous about being a ‘teacher’ and feeling qualified enough, but we shall power through it and just be completely honest and helpful.
😄 Get involved!
Next week I want to write about a topic that you suggest. It can be a burning question you’ve had, something you’re struggling with or some advice you need.
I really want to get some community interaction going so don’t feel shy to hit reply and let me know.
Have an awesome weekend.
Sana 😊
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