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April Afterthoughts 🌍

April Afterthoughts 🌍
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hey guys, welcome to Scaling Up with Sana! ⭐ This is a simple, recap of my thoughts, media I’ve enjoyed and a couple of self-development tips I’ve learnt throughout the month🪴
If you’re new here, it’s lovely to have you! My name is Sana, I’m an MArch student in London, creator of :scale blog and advocate for healthy habits for architecture students ✌🏻

🦋 Focus for the Month
This month also happened to be the month of Ramadan, which meant I was fasting for the most part from 5am to 8pm. This time of year is usually where I find that I have to be much easier on myself, and listen to my body in terms of how much energy I have during the day and what I can realistically accomplish. My focus for this month was completing a deadline at the start of the month and pushing even harder for the final submission due in just 11 days. More on that later…
Podcasts I Listened To 🎙️
Karren Brady: How To Win At Entrepreneurship & Love (at the same time) | E133
Karren Brady: How To Win At Entrepreneurship & Love (at the same time) | E133
This was a really inspirational and enjoyable podcast episode. I’ve always watched Karren Brady on the Apprentice but never really know what she does or her journey so it was great to get to know a bit more about her background and generally her mindset. Throughout this podcast, Steven touched on a lot of topics from being a woman in a predominantly male industry all the way to relationships and mental resilience. I think Karren has a lot of self-awareness and knows exactly what she is good at makes sure to utilise her strengths wherever possible. One thing she also emphasised was the power of kindness in business.
I think this hit me as a ‘content creator’ which albeit isn’t quite a business, I keep thinking back to my Twitter feed which is littered with people trying to give hacks and threads on all kinds of topics that will supposedly make you a millionaire or unlock the secret to happiness. It can be easy to have a business-forward mindset but I think what really makes a person stand out is their personality and the way they treat people.
I think content creators can learn a lot from this just by treating their audience as their equal. Although my blog and Instagram is primarily educational and has a teaching element to it, there is a lot that I have learnt from DMs and advice from people replying to my stories. So the power of kindness will most definitely do you wonders is any sort of setting really.
🖤 My Latest Project
I can finally share my latest project in collaboration with my friend Dan; CTRL+S a studiowear brand for students and designers!
We’ve dropped our capsule collection of minimal, aesthetic clothing which is only available for a limited amount of time till May 17th. If you’re enjoying this community and all the resources I’ve created so far, it would mean the world to me if you guys supported!!
Worldwide shipping available, sizes are inclusive and the campaign is made-to-order so no waste 🌍
🤍 Habits I've Been Working On
This month I’ve solely been working on my final submission, the design portfolio. The first week of Easter break I really struggled with planning my time around my routine during Ramadan, as well as finding a direction to go in because I felt so overwhelmed with the tasks on hand. But one day I sat down and gave myself the entire day to just plan. I made the simplest table on Google Docs, added a date column and started breaking down my tasks per day.
I’ve been documenting this over on my Instagram, taking you through what each day looks like including the reality of not finishing some bits every day and having to take breaks and naps and time away from the computer. Although it’s a challenge, I really do want to do the best I can and produce high-quality work for this submission. So far it’s been alright and I’ve still got less than two weeks to go so hopefully next month’s newsletter is packed with much more useful info!
💫 Casual Magic
A couple of months ago, whilst working on CTRL+S, I wanted to test my apparel designing skills so I entered a t-shirt designing competition and actually ended up winning it! This was in collaboration with Everpress and Soho Works.
Enjoy The Journey apparel | Everpress
The craziest thing is that I think this will open up so many doors for me by making use of my Soho Works membership, starting new projects in the summer and bringing even more content and resources to the community.
I think that’s all the casual magic I needed for this month 💞
👋🏻 Thanks for Reading!
As always, if you’d like to have a chat or suggest something just hit reply 😉
Have a restful and wonderful month everybody 💞
🎁 Resources + More
Productivity templates and resources for architecture students and designers!
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